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Best of SAVAGE Out of Game Moments

In the immortal words of ReDeYe, “Brutal. Savage. Rekt.” That’s what this week’s Best Of is all about. Now before you guys go hit the comment section with ‘BUT COLIN YOU ALREADY COVERED THIS LAST WEEK.’ Nah bro. We didn’t.

The previous episode of Best Of focused on the Get Rekt moments in CS:GO in game. This week we’ve opened it up to all esports and we’re focusing on just that out of game savagery. I repeat, out of game savagery, not trash talk. There is a difference.

I mean you guys know how it is right? Sometimes you just gotta switch off that filter. turn to the guy next to you, and drop the verbal smack down. Actually that kinda sounds like a typical day at theScore esports.

“I’m a huge Na’Vi fan, I love seeing them play I love seeing Dendi do well. And I really wish that they you know played much better throughout this tournament but I guess that they are back. Back to being garbage right now.” “Henry’s now showing anything, just as much of a p*ssy in game as he is in real life.” “But that is gonna be it.

Moses to find Azr and the defuse is gonna come across.” “Ou how’s it feel, how’s that feel.” “Ahh yeah.” “Oh that’s a sound I could get used to.” “Behave Sydney, Behave!” “I’ve got my tickets here, I got tickets to the Korean hype train and I will be giving them out It’s your last chance, first class still available.

Krepo here let me go ahead and punch this for you there you go.” “Why thank you Monte I appreciate your SK favourite but I think it’s about time for a revolution.” “Well sometimes in life you lose, and sometimes you face NA.” (Wheeze) “I expected a pretty easy win.” “Maybe if you can’t make it in here you can try out for some North American team.”

“Yeah and qualifiers are full of garbage teams.” “Who pick garbage heroes.” “I’m so happy that I wasn’t the meanest person on this panel today. Thank you.” “Gotta be honest you guys got smashed by Gambit there and what did you take from that what did you learn from that.” “Smashed?”

“Oh well.” “The truth is harsh you see.” “Yeah it hurts, it hurts.” “I’d just like to apologize to all he viewers who tuned in and had to watch that North versus AGO match.” “No one should have to put up with that, that’s creul and unusual punishment but we do have some good matches coming up now, so hopefully this will make up for it.” “F*ck MSL.”

“Just, we’re all thinking it.” (Yikes internally) “You know what Lord Knight I have to be the jerk here. But nobody asked you about that.” “Super’s consistently just really good.” “He’s like always a top 5 mid player regardless of the patch.” “And obviously everyone knows their support dealer is really good.”

“I mean is he like super good mid or just super good mid compared to you? When you play mid.” “Xmithie is still pretty much Dandy lite so. “Good joke dude Xmithie’s just as good if not a little better than Dandy.” “I think Xmithie’s so good.” “Oh so Peter you didn’t make it to Worlds so you’re practicing your stand up career now?”

“Are you practicing your Korean national abandonment?” “He’ll just sit there pressing empty buttons and I’m just- He did that to me and I just wanted to like stop and say You… You’re clever, you’re tricky. I commend you on this.” “Well yeah it worked on you, but we’re talking about Snake Eyez here.

Right? And Snake Eyez is a top player.” “Yeah so I do think that there’s a small chance for LGD here.”

“They go 3-0 which based on the quality of their players it’s surely possible.” “Higher chance you get more hair on your head.” “I’m just gonna say it.” “Yanko and I have prepared a visual representation for what happened in that game so “Hope everyone at home is ready for this, Yanko.” (Choke) “They’re just locked into defensive positions and then suddenly their value just drops down completely like a Jarvan who’s behind. Is about as useful as you in the jungle Kobbe.”

“I’m LD, I would be joined here but Merlini but unfortunately he can only do one job at once so I’m stuck with you Blitz and there’s no storm in the game.” “What do you got for me.” “It’s honestly just incredible being on stage here with the guy they brought in case Tobi gets sick.”

“Blitz, I have to ask you. As someone who’s never casted an International grand finals. What are you thoughts on the draft.” “Honestly seems to be (wheeze)” “I kinda disagree for me personally I think that Vici they’re top 4 material but they’re kind of like the LD of casting. They’re never really gonna get that top spot.”

“Tell me how bad you are.” “I’m bad enough to beat Hero 2-0, Ryung 2-0, ah who else. Virus 2-0. “Blah blah blah but then lose Curious. Open bracket was pretty easy, not gonna lie.” “Pretty easy but you lost.”

“Yeah… Sh*t.” “I was actually a pretty decent keeper in football.” “But then it all went down hill so I started playing more video games.” “And now you’re not even in LCS.” “Wow.” “Wooow Sjocks.” “I’m so sorry I had to.”

“Yeah.” “Let’s move on to the games.” “I just want to say screw all the casters for now believing in us.”

“And hopefully you guys believe in us in the playoffs.” “Thank you very much-” “Why does Stewie have to be such a little dipsh*t.” “Sorry?” “Yeah why’s such a little dipshit I predicted them to win.” “I did it at the beginning of the day.” “He just threw everyone under the bus, don’t me in the same basket as these guys.” “This is the final we always deserved here at the World Championship.”

“It’s like we’re watching an LCK game only with better casters.” “You know sometimes Krepo they have to give you the chance to actually cast the good teams so welcome to the OGN Autumn season final.” “The problem for them is, Shahzam.

He turned up. And I’m talking about Kazam that terrible movie that Shaq made in the 90s. But I tell you what, it was a terrible movie for the lounge guys so they didn’t want to see any part of that. “Takes a lot of steel to say that brother.” “I’ll say this Thorin how quickly can you run cause Shaq can cover some ground here too.”

“Faster than Shaq I hope.” “He can get from this side to that side pretty quickly.” “Faster than he used to go up and down the court mate.” “That was pretty funny David Buckham” “Since you guys think it’s a sport we’ll challenge you guys in a couple weeks any game you want. “Any game.”

“And I’ll make you eat those words buddy cause it’s getting better.” “We challenge you three.” “What about weight loss, should we do that.”

“What about muscles?” “What about boxing when I go over there and punch you in the face.” “This is America the Queen can’t help you over here buddy.” “Well first off the analyst desk had nothing to worry about, they can talk about all the problems we’re having with vetos and blah blah blah what not they don’t know sh*t if you ask me.”

“Especially Thorin.” “What the hell is going on, what are these weirdos talking about on the desk if you are unfamiliar fortunately theScore esports does help you out.” “I love you all very much don’t shrug at me I love you. I do.”

“Exposé article coming on what I think about him soon”. “A 25 minute video saying 2 minutes worth of content.” “Now though let’s move on.” “I spent five years of my life living in South Korea and I love it but today you know what, I’m gonna be, an American.” “You know people have been wanting me, to cheer for America for years. to predict the Americans.

And you know what?” You know what Goldenboy? Today is not that day.” “No?”

“There it is!” “Oh no, this is double turn, a heel turn.” “One of us, one of us.” “It’s Korea baby.” “They’ll be casting with SirActionsSlacks.”

“I was like f*ck me.” “I have to cast with that moron, you know I’m trying to be serious like I had work done…” “I mean jeez I’m wearing a wig and a costume. And teams don’t pay me anything to do anything anymore.” “So here we are.”

“That’s great.” “Thanks Slacks.” “Now you work for me b*tch.” “Kind of learn the game.

Only a little though, I mean I’m not quite LCS pro player level.” “But then again neither are you anymore.” “That throw would have connected but it was a hit. The hitstun was longer than blockstun. The throw whiffed.” “Congratulations Smug, we’ll see you in the losers.”

“I am technically undefeated in CS:GO 1v1s.” “I demolished my fellow supervising editor who does not play CS:GO.” “When I was there in Toronto who was I watching that day? Cause that person wouldn’t have been hard to beat.”

“I can hear you fine, I’m just praying to god you guys have pressed the record button and you got the right technology and there’s no ambience or gremlins involved cause god I’m not coming back again guys.” “That’s it I’m done I-I-I-I’m done, no more burns. It’s too brutal, it’s too savage, and you guys got rekt enough. “I’m done.”

“Brutal, savage, rekt, absolutely taken down.” Well guys that’s all we got for you this week on Best of. Now look if you think we missed your favourite savage out of game moment, truth is probably wasn’t that good. Thanks for watching.

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