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Greyhound Dog Racing – Dogs Gone Documentary

Usually was with him so great home stadium the stars and the snow on the lane look good to slow and me to list all this a lot because. It’s also want to go every week has been going raise probably regular. It is the best and it has the most from London was the country and the dish is one of the most enjoyable tracks to live when I was about eleven eleven to twelve and I took to it even at that tender I live there’s no one like in the world the crowd noise the reaction of the social scene of an even number of a wonderful night. It’s a wonderful atmosphere that you sent simply nothing like it was simply the best you can imagine greyhound racing just like in a slot machine in London without will and it is sad.

You know why. Something could have been done to have kept it going on. Time for the base and everybody be upset focus on it for three years to raise a lot of money for charity not on a regular basis. We often would raise fifteen thousand pounds. It was a track to the biggest crowds of any of the stadiums in the U.K.

This is the best one in the well this is the best track in the it’s not. It is the number one in this country and it’s seen if you toss same guys in any business if your top tier dollars then you know for a lot of trouble and I’ve been one Greyhound trackless in London. If you want to thank those if you like me don’t go six but it’s not like trying to get speed on the caliber of the phone but if you’re like my father that if your flight was the star it was almost certainly the most successful. I’m base growing and stadium in the world. It was to flagship for Dr Rice and in this country. It was to with the star what the only full time is to Paris mess entertainment used to mean.

Soon the most don’t. So was in dry hen ricing not anymore. What made more from start dogs such a fantastic night out and the reason why celebrities flock to have their photos taken there is that it had a great atmosphere. When the races were run the misfit was electric. You don’t get that call and of electricity would have video going to a.

The study should have been celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary this year. The following reason for a knees up and a bit of publicity. In the I’ll die used the charm to find me who have run the stadium since the opening no into thirty three would not have missed the opportunity. But granted rice and is not what it once was in the made known to you folks used to dubs clocked up something like fifty million attendances and there were seven to seven license tracks. Lol she only three million attended the thirty tracks that remain the first Now in a coffin was legal always betting in annoying to the sixties up to that point the only way to make it legal.

But was to go to a trike. At first when it was made legal. I would imagine. Wholly restricted.

Then came late no one open as of bookmakers direct competition with the stadium finally impressed worst of all there was the abolition of the general basing duty in two thousand and one. General basic juicy text of course came clean never a ploy to the bookmakers the text was abolished because British bookies said they were being driven out of business Bond into the game lose good places but on their home computer without having to play the tax the government swiftly to save the bookies but dime used to doctorates since there was no benefit to actually go into the stadiums many of the Hippy punk to stop coming attendance was dropped greyhound racing was at its peak of popularity during the war time error and in terms of the marketing of the sport and the pay all around the sport. It really hasn’t evolved very much. Since then and I think perception that it’s man coming down with applying the better and it’s just not like the reality is that you see generations of families you see young people out nights out there with them.

So even at the nightclub attached to a child a chance which helped even more say attract a younger audience and you’d see dozens and dozens of people going to the greyhounds. As a bit of a warm up to a guy going to the club on an on a night out. I think the people that run it haven’t kept up with modern times they need to for the good old days and development never move with the twenty first century cannot fall of any out of play nice place on these free not to me not myself and I play in concentrating on I don’t know I don’t know much about rice in stock car racing. There’s a Sunday market though there are several things that I used to done. Which they stopped doing because I always thought everyone would always comes away from stuff but you can’t but you can’t afford to be complacent. So there’s no marketing there’s no T.V.

ADVERTISEMENT close. Yes coverage they were never really my facility. If someone came in to rescue not need me now for a call for entertainment.

Should we say they never bother to go down there make a big fuss of the corp write them back. So when you’re doing that. You know you just got no chance of getting that return business. That’s what’s wrong that if greyhound racing is efforts to hold the decline in growing popularity it needs to introduce itself to a whole new generation who even aware of it all or have a complete misconception about the reality of the sport and there’s very few sports where you can get so close to the track and soak up the atmosphere it’s very accessible from a cost point of view you know how many places can you go out and for a tenner have something to eat something to drink place a few bets I mean it’s cheaper than going to the cinema what we could see is punters ourselves as it’s hypnotic once you’ve got through the door.

You’ve seen it as a night out any preconceptions that you may have had a completely shattered and your real famine in Africa and what we did with all right and same just fifty sixty people all of a sudden these fifty sixty people started inviting their friends and clients and telling everyone about it. I took my mom and that there for a night out. I mean they would have never gone to the grammar I sing. Had I not invited them and once they went there they loved it and they went back again and again and again. In May two thousand and six the joiners and those at the stadium had been sold to probably be available as the announcement call was amongst great hand enthusiasm.

One called recall a white put together a royal bid for the sort but it isn’t a great time to build houses and I think hopefully this will make them rethink again. We need housing in the area book you know I don’t want to see how using at the expense of everything else not. As you move to buildings going on every time despite want to now this would be nice just to keep as a rising price of a new bicycle and what we’re saying is you come under pressure and for a whole combination of pressures you’ve just given up on this and actually there are lots of things you could do to change that place around. It’s a community facility why do we get rid of another community vicinity. Just for Morehouse and we can do plenty of places here where we can do we really need another housing estate and to sell it to people going to have some sort of building some sort of massive state when people can’t sell houses anyway at the moment just the tendencies in the last three four weeks because you’ve got people saying oh I’m going to go before it never been that before. It’s a triple that the what I can say see this place is just like a casino.

It’s my to print money he’s a money making thing anyone that knows anything about stock price and especially if you’ve got a place like this if you can’t make money in the something bad to get them wrong. The ones that coming. Now I don’t want to jump in on the bandwagon because the price is closing.

It’s sad for the genuine pump to live in right. I come over. Why he gets in plenty permission should be quite difficult since much of the so it has been listed a great suitable English heritage the local council has scheduled a lane suitable for public assembly and leisure. In theory the developers should have quite a problem getting permission. Another London stadium kind of food is undeveloped five years of the last dog Rice was run and there’s nothing you can do to stop private.

Selling their assets and that’s not the root problem of the council night they could do something using planning Paul they can’t you can’t stop the actual site. I think it was wrong. In the states of course when that was done and that was about three years ago. I think the people home. It’s that this would be something that would stop the stadium they redevelop four or five times single industrial use chancing is likely to be I guess but of course it has worked.

At the end of the day the listing. Isn’t going to stop the stadium being sold and they redevelop to me my mean that big city get preserved but that’s as far as it’s going to go and you know when you’ve got a place like this that’s been there seventy five years and you know you talk to people from outside Walthamstow you know he talks and you know not met before. Where do you come from and you say Walthamstow and the number of papering recognizable from style because of the great insight it was actually a huge number. Lots of loss of pay for Bain there. I mean just in the last few weeks since it was announced that it was going to close.

I mean I find letters from all over the country. It’s all part of that heritage. We’re losing our traditions very easily and it’s one of those things that we want to try and keep time rather than times and down. Was almost everybody who talks about the start use of the word or clinic.

Sooner or later that really. There is want to spread agreement that in these her achievement was want to list elements of the stadium to make it extremely difficult to prove that I was there I was going to look very strange if Couture got straightly stripes but if you don’t develop as it were to build us and people are willing to buy then it will happen and how it kills we use in years ahead. Not to show off a startling design as they are connected as. It’s quite unique hash I’m standing artists and one place that part’s the trouble because of whatever whatever might happen the feature.

They say to start campaigning to help marches and organize a petition campaign is included local M.P. Neil general it can phone a Conservative Party leader. Ian Duncan Smith both cry and I don’t is in their time Mr Duncan Smith has a veto on a grand jury or a dog that ran at the track. Almost a sign so I’m paid to Grade two listed was being announced the local council was talking to developers about building houses there. I draw of planning brief was even produced given a test that I’m not to have spilled in.

Nor we do the military get rid of one facility here for the council is in a good position to talk to the hasn’t been fed up as London courtroom. It knows them very well and in queue took over the last number of kind of so has it in the area Cloyd logs lead author Waltham Forest Council was not prepared to appear on his documentary to support the council’s point of view I presume since he could also have also charges of money but the charges that the star had been forced to have far more stuff than any other stadium as a result of unusual interpretations of health and safety regulations locally. No doubt the cancel and sit in good faith planning officers were told that the stadium could not survive because it was unprofitable it was impossible for them to check since talks were secret be so it’s everyone knew the Chargers were experts when it came to running growing and stadiums. How could they be wrong or allow tracks that have disappeared in the London area include Catford hiring guy like me and didn’t strike for the West Ham in what city. You can still visit him.

Didn’t I may even see the old dog there. They built to bring Cross shopping center on the site. What worries me is that what will happen is that it will sit there and see for course some won’t because you know even just the last few weeks. You know the housing market looks to be in Italy and you just wonder whether the developer is going to be really keen to build houses just at this moment or even the next next year or so now there’s another great truck. Shot down the line than five years ago Catford Catford was shut down and and since we’re going to be built on the the side not bricks feel like it.

Five years later hasn’t a lot of activity that say that attack in South Africa has been pretty much demolished but not a lot of building activity that another site wouldn’t before some sites like that would it and I’ve been down for a couple of years. I sense of that the housing association people a lot of quadrants are involved with Walthamstow alpha not going to see this mark captured you know that in four five years time. If you’re flying here. Oh no no no no say no no we will definitely be rebuilding definitely building but I’m just worried that with the housing market on the pressure that it will set that all right on the front of the building is listed the back of the new need listed on the site. So I just don’t see how you can pull out these around without touching the front and the back.

Yeah. Doug it’s all and I you know in your old. One of a handful of cookies left at a truck.

I can remember the first time. OK. My grandfather. You never had casinos before you know betting shops before so I need to take you know white from what we used to know as the on course betting market actual been taken away from us. If you bet on the international sleeve betting exchanges like that. You can do things like bets against a dog or a horse you can buy something to lose and I think the big difference because you used to see people that he would bet big money and they used to be a lot of book like is that there’s only a handful betting time I thought my stance on the time high and dry time wasting is a hugely popular product with punters across the country to invest in shops on the Internet transom sells a half billion pounds as wages of course and I’m quite yet.

So it’s still hugely popular. That people come on a Saturday night to canvass they come out for a social night out. You can come with a far from it. So you can have Tempe on the time you can have a drink. You know first pensioner where the cost of living bases are astronomical and everything is going up.

You know for a pound to get in and not take the time to phrase Some know it’s the ban on a pound for the time you’re going to get to know what the good price and that’s on it now and where could you get it they should be about forty fifty bookmakers here. I don’t know how many actually but obviously least fifty. We’ve got seven and it’s not an easy business now but a thousand times after the show is just about now.

You don’t want to provoke a show you know something we started you know the part I did like about it last time I come I won sixty pounds some traction. And you can stand there and ice your car and you put your price up and you don’t strike up that cash talk about oh wait no we won’t have it otherwise you might take thirty or forty pounds of ice. I don’t have a thousand pound I have a thousand pounds on top.

But I want to have it on the truck because that would drive up the ticket trying to come up in a boat wait to thank all the folks get back to the fire academy to watch it run. So that I got enough money to go was OK OK OK OK thanks to no one was consulted about the closure of the I wasn’t I don’t know the British Greyhound Racing Board you know the thing about season two. It was in their names.

It was in fact put on the website for state Greyhound stadium in January of this year that they were never going to sell and they assured quote all the trainers in assured them for the show and sees nothing was going to happen. You know that truck was staying open that was it then less than six months later it sold and the most annoying thing was it sold with out the knowledge of the industry. I sell to social housing without even get. The opportunity for the Greyhound fraternity to actually step in and buy and that there was a complete trial of greyhound racing. Nobody knows which Corky Texas was responsible for the universally acclaimed as a clinic front and tugboat with its jointly owned Greyhound years ago the dog used to have multiple Lakes one off the other to give the impression that it was running today the dog. Not much of the best the stadium looks a bit tatty this study and was still run by the Chargers it was great children but it’s only to say they seem to have lost a few as you guys and for the start.

And the older ones one or two weeks on they still want to be done but honestly I mean don’t they. Kitchen stuff on Iran and I just shine but I mean people don’t come in it’s going to need fear of repairs and it’s got into the cipher that this site we need to disciple lift and different stuff than ever that have to spend that money. I should imagine you have a if any want to keep this up and I should imagine you’d have to spend at least near enough a million pounds to get up. A money grubber hands live for about twelve to fourteen years but they rarely rice much once they get processed exposed like each day is a huge number.

We Tories and many grow and spread for rice and never make the grade. Not everyone is upset about the closure animal activists have been campaigning to shut the stock down. Well absolutely. I mean we’re pleased when any contract closes down equally passionate about animal rights Yohane a bottom up.

Family only that they form a hate teacher who has been finding homes for weeks on dry hands for forty three years but she is a champion of the rights and then used to spin every such if you know what that was. Whereas before the majority will put down. Now the majority found the truck the big trucks looked after the dogs. We have very strict well integrity standards and I was saying I was cruel to dogs like Kill there was a killing room in there and things like that and I never ever to put dot dot. Again in my life.

Some of the trainers do so. Not necessarily because they’re vicious but also because they’re afraid of them hurting themselves. I mean some of these dogs are worth fifteen twenty five thousand pounds. So the trainers are very often extra careful. But coming into a kennel like this you can see the real temperament of the dog is to say this forty eight.

Here they come in here they don’t know any of the other dogs they just get on with them immediately. We very seldom use a muzzle he said when they walk in them out on the fields not a species or don’t you think of all this nonsense about you treat you. Now as a great lover. Tell us why didn’t you know I’ll help you you know we want to do.

I’m going to Greyhound greyhound you forthright. I think a far better shot at the industry as a whole very sadly doesn’t love dogs. We care for them. I tell you we really really careful you couldn’t take my dogs you couldn’t do anything to my dogs. There are in there so well looked after you know like a hotel where I was kept because of the Dumont that that truck creates for dogs to be bred a truck from Stow is responsible for the killing of over five hundred greyhounds every year. Well I’m not quite sure where they get their figures from To be honest because it’s very difficult.

Account for exactly how many dogs are finishing every year and basically I can only speak for autumn style and the Walthamstow dogs have thirty years now come into the system and rehab and they either kept the trainers. If they were really really good. Obviously they go start pictures or turn it to flake some of the owners take them some of the owners do actually take and sell says a very good at this. Kennel start take them home track stuff take them.

We advertise them falling house in the hope of finding schemes. So really and truly there is no need that all the dogs from the larger tracts to be put down. The demand created by the greyhound racing industry causes something like twenty five floors and greyhounds a year to be bred this is the industry in Britain has a home now only ten cry was. Of those dogs actually make it to the tracks the other fifty thousand are disposed of before they even race and very sadly most of those dogs end up being put to death is not strictly true what is whips or suggested Greyhound breeding to put it in perspective is carry on a pretty small scale in this country.

It’s in the reader’s interest to get many greyhounds that he or she breeds onto the track to do otherwise is pretty financial suicide site. The other thing I should say it’s very easy to be home with a POP POP Greyhound if it’s operates at twelve or fifteen months it’s not fast or also isn’t interested in chasing the hatch of rights that should be no problem at all to be home in that very hunt. Unless of course it is temperamentally unsuitable for retirement. A lot of those dogs get put to death in all of them speak was most dogs eighty percent of greyhounds that race on the tracks in Britain actually come from monument a large number greyhounds that race on the shores are bred in all and all of the time greyhound racing industry if you like it has its own twenty tracks of a successful track and has quite a large scale training and breeding operation. This is definitely a major problem in our and we have no jurisdiction I VOLUNTEER We are working with government here and they are using with us. He’s actually to to develop areas of concern and benefits and work with them as best we can be well looked after.

Exceptionally well looked after. I mean most of the time. Misconception by the press and people just don’t understand Symes animal activists they just do not understand you can’t reason with them. I think the future for looking too promising but I think that with past twenty to twenty five tracks.

If what I think right now. Rice is actually finished in this country that’s not only a very sad for both a star and the people that work well for us and the punters because I love it here as well it’s a very sad thing to grind my seniors a whole day off think it’s going to be fizzled out when less some some miracle can manage to get everything up and running again. It may only be a few years. It’s already massively smaller than the one time. Yama stadium Great Yarmouth in Norfolk they’ve recently completed a very impressive restaurant facility.

The cost upwards of two million pounds I understand. And that’s really helped build their business crowds of uptown I was up as a very positive vibe that track stadium covered the building a new restaurant to increase its capacity that kins the stadium in Yorkshire a small mining village a great track facilities a new restaurant facilities really helping to safeguard the future of the track and a further south a piece of a similar story in the hundred thousand pound investment recently the tracker ratings due to close later in the year so I’ll be twenty eight and in terms of London after Walthamstow close is the only of the track in the so what you might call the London coastal areas Wimbledon. With closing that really signals the end of. The sport as a whole which is an even bigger loss.

And the house price in the United at stopping job was. Thank god there’s a lot of jobs that you look at Walthamstow stadium. They’re going to be four hundred jobs going. Now most of them will be parts on the role of the folks on the lots of people have parts on jobs that you know evenings trainings away working in the in the restroom all the time.

And they’re all going to lose their jobs and they won’t fall and they won’t find replacement jobs easily. You know these you know this court a lot of economic consequences for the big trunk lines still going. That’s on an average Saturday night looking out for foreign trips over foreign stuff. One of the security offices his grandmother say his mother works and he says he was upset that his daughter works all the time but. I’m going back to school cleaning if I get the jobs done style.

I mean that you need the money you can’t live on the pension six the phone or the way it’s operated to end up going for security. You don’t notice a few jobs around for the stadium and asking for us the security of Rome for then a few other places. Graham rice and cheese I mean language and values almost everybody in a bit is not everybody else. It is I choice community. If you’re not part of it it probably doesn’t mean much to you but the first.

A nation we have dogs and hairs. Goes back a very long white some ancient people said that there was not I man in the moon by hair and if you look at the moon above the stadium. You can see what they mean. Don’t Grayson seems is to do as points of being a fish and chips for caps in Judea was by in fact I don’t need to expect to about nineteen twelve. I was invented in America.

Hair Cosi and with the rising has a much. I would history but the circular trike and the mechanical hair were created by it go in pet tricks with no name. Opie and or delist who wanted to stop the killing of Czech rabbits the dogs chased in America instead of his own peas invention reached Britain when the Bellevue stadium in manger is historically dry soon in the one nine hundred twenty seven Walton started crime on to the scene fairly light things to a colorful put microcode William and George charm bill which on law was a nondrinker reserved and soul he had a poker face wore a sample rugs suit and had a reputation for taking huge and some torrents of bizarre bits. He discovered what was good that saw him code the billet ground they so called flapping strike where Brad Pitt rice into place for ending the trek Oh no he almost had a much he wanted for the ground. Agreed the price and paid in cash and later that day. The man who started this was a grandfather people I had now that helped him Channel eight was a director of happy which type you know how did that happen with thank you kind of have a sour note of it all invalid took no notice.

Not yet but he did even though this find me having him nineteen that he thing. I hate must I got a had seven sons. I mean seven sons. DR JAMES.

Big gamble because and obviously a very strong man and he built this up and then when he died his son Charles took out a gun and he was not managing director. I beat up my for Spector that night he was both so stadium thirteen so he would stand no nonsense he could talk with Norton like yours or you could talk with the veterans. Whichever way you want to talk we could talk with them. But it’s by the reporter so much thank you. I know very very family man stand no nonsense from anybody and it was law and now it is different.

I directors in college now own directors don’t agree with everything. We don’t some of the charter school reach or we in the charter name will continue to be associated with gaming and don’t ration. Thanks to Victor John but Victor was one of the book. My kids who helped create the into the basically industry whose business is said to turn over more than one billion pounds. You know hundred sixty different countries.

In fact you probably could have bought the stock and kept it going major bookies call rule. Les Brooks and William Hill. It’s going to tricks and make a very good job of only them. So I’m hope to fix it.

Jonah could have been the first into that book to join the club. I think it’s fair to say that a child has a family there. Most of each retirement age they are winding down that interests and last year with Charles a step down from his position on some of the boards. It’s a station I would advocate for TAR I’m not sure as to many young people in that family who want to come for a take on the business. Phillip Chancellor left a year ago to go abroad to Charles charter resigns from the Fiji are they.

And it seems to me that there just seems to be well some kind of plan here. What’s been going on. I can’t probably thing go on it I know. One thing that is not trade is the fact that the reason why they were stated said that they had lost money that stadium has never lost money in seventy five years according to Companies House is that profit in it. That’s what they want you know night. Yeah that’s not they’re not nice but it’s something inside.

I still think it’s not you know it’s one of those things that I want and I want to run it better than I did. That’s my honest opinion. I wish I could see the charges come forward and put this on camera or even speak to the press because you can’t get them until to get an answer out of them there was a capacity crowd for the last No it’s several of the charges were there and they came in for some stick.

Growing rice in is an old business because the stadium is really a market so weeks try this ring master was the charm is only a stadium but they do not own the independent bookmakers the came to was the dogs or even a peanut concession. They may have wanted to do it somewhere but most of the people who run those small businesses or hobbies did not want to quit. Many of them are being forced into premature torment.

They were supposed to be fourteen rices but one family to happen to have refused to run. There was a mechanical failure. So today I was thirteen rices and lucky for the Greyhound business at about eleven thirty to cry because it’s a leave but some thought that such a big occasion had to be marked in some way a few do so much to get on the train and walk round that a few turned into hundreds then the souvenir hunting big game. The police were called by a certain amount of damage was done it was not at all obvious contribution to the Save the stud came from I said whites and growing and rice and it is one of the clone a number of public entertainments where alcohol is freely via the ball yet. He’s never any trouble. He’s someone does start to get Julie boisterous another member of the crowd will soon put them in their place recolor white and Richard called still dream of running the best stadium in the world promising a super rice with prize money.

Never before dreamt of in the sport. There was no master. Sally must up and I sat looking point people up.

I’m trying to put more people on the count you haven’t had to face me get to that I feel for you have not come yet because your source will become before profit. That’s not fair to tell me if you only profit so well you know what we just saw from satellite. Well before I’m going to tell you one thing I met my I will make money in the stock. I know how quick people are but I will never show him and I will show him how he made money. Most of those who have been proven to just spend a pleasant evening in the sun the sun showing that the study will be so into place has gone. Even those who have lost a bunch of from selling to tell him.

Yeah yeah. I paid the man who invented the mechanical hand believed he was striking a blow the guy’s cruelty. He saw granny N.Y.C. and it was a way to stamp out the cold spoke like have Colton but that was nearly one hundred years ago and might be in the twenty first century we have different values. If so anglers and preaching faith should have been to watch kept on to be excesses of the last No it’s There was still that clean need to be done.

My name is brought an elephant and I worked there for thirty one years manager. Lowering the ship sailed claim to full the do it because everything was going to be sold. Chipotle was going to be so if you’re going to be tickets a copy of the so go with it.

Big Very said they would that go anyway don’t stress busting is still the mayor but with a single day lyrics I got that out and out. But I got the same. At was at was.