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Xbox 360: Call of Duty 3 Part 1


In Call of Duty 3 the cacophony of battlefield noise echoes all around you in glorious surround sound! Treyarch had access to the assets from the earlier games and many of the in-game sounds will no doubt be familiar to you if you’ve played them already. There is near constant battle chatter from your allies as you fight across the terrain, Nazi taunts as a grenade is hurled in your direction and the incessant rattle of enemy gunfire all provides for an aural feast!

The very first time you hit X and start spraying your enemies with an MG42 I defy you not to smile! The sound of the bullet fire is only surpassed by the sound of empty shell casings falling away to your right after you’ve released the trigger; such is the care that has gone into its effects. All the weapons have their own distinct individual signature tunes and over time you can easily recognise the type of incoming rounds and direction as you battle across the mud-soaked fields.

A stirring score rises and falls at set moments throughout the battles and provides a rich backdrop for the ongoing campaign. Sound is also used to embellish the multiplayer aspect of the game. In certain game modes your ‘leader’ can be heard barking out encouragement or berating your poor performance and demanding you fall back! Suitable taunts are also unleashed as you launch your grenade at any unsuspecting enemies.

Overall I couldn’t fault the sound in the game, from the fitting themes, the amusing cut scene dialogue and fairly passable accent attempts, through to the noise and chaos of a battle in full flow. Simple touches such as echoing enemy voices within buildings or barns all go to make this a real treat for the ears. If you haven’t yet experienced your Xbox 360 in full surround sound you owe it to yourself to try for Call of Duty 3 as it truly brings the whole game to life!